Dan McIntyre… the GYSC has its first champion!

Dan McIntyre is 35 years old, and has already seen more hardship than you would ever wish upon anybody. He’s a wheelchair user who finds it a challenge to walk short distances, has had kidney failure, and is a two-time cancer survivor.

Many people would have given up many years ago, but not Dan, with help from his fiancé and her three kids, this man stepped up against adversity, grabbed the bull by the horns, and knuckled down to fight it!

Over the past few years Dan has unfortunately been out of work, but has filled his time writing, volunteering for various charities (most notably Bradford Cancer Support and Airedale), and taking part in various challenges for charities to raise much needed funds.

“I’d rather try and fail than not bother trying at all and just accept what I’m told.”

Last year he did the Alps Challenge for Disabled Motoring UK, where he took a 1932 mobility trike the 1800 mile distance across the Swiss Alps, recreating the epic journey undertook by the trikes former owner back in 1947. He participated in the Leeds 5k as part of the Jane Tomlinson Run for All in aid of the Yorkshire Cancer Centre, taking him 80 minutes to complete. And this very same year, Dan zip wired from the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, on the very same line that Bear Grylls used the previous day with the Olympic Torch. Anybody who can follow Bear Grylls has got to be cool, right?!

That sounds like one epic year! Here’s what Dan said about the GYSC…

“I reckon this will likely be the most demanding challenge I’ve undertaken in terms of physical effort.  As mentioned I’m a wheelchair user who can manage short distances (think back of car to front of car) with a pair of sticks.  I plan to try and do the stair climb on foot with my sticks but may end up on hands and knees.  Not very dignified but it gets the job done!”

We asked him, why would you do a challenge like this?

“Well my last round of treatment was carried out at the Bexley Wing of St James’, aka the Yorkshire Cancer Centre and the staff and facilities were first class, so it’s something I can do as a thank you really, trying to give something back”.

What is it that drives you to participate in these events?

“On a more personal level it is also a way of pushing myself, as that’s the only way for me to find out what’s possible and what I’m capable of. I’d rather try and fail than not bother trying at all and just accept what I’m told.  I have never been a sporty person but the Olympics and Paralympics have left me inspired, a few people have suggested I try out wheelchair basketball and maybe I will, I have tried out handcycling and enjoyed that, though I’m no Karen Darke!”

That is one truly inspirational man, and one that we welcome with open arms to compete in the GYSC. This is an event for all, and Dan is undoubtedly one of those who are the stars of the show.

We look forward to starting you off at the bottom of the Bridgewater Place steps Dan, and will have everything possible in place to ensure you get all the way to the top!


You can sponsor Dan by donating to his JustGiving page, why not get behind him and his challenge to show some support.

Here’s Dan zip wiring down the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle, one mad mofo!